Smart & trusted construction payments

✔ Native KYC & KYB integration
✔ Automated cash flow cycles and contract management
✔ Instant payments
✔ All-in-one platform

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StringPay multi device responsive application for the construction industry

Smart contract payments

Negotiated terms
+ construction contract funded
= fast automated payments

Credential and IDs

Mandatory KYC + KYB for all users
Trust all parties of your contracts

Lien flow

Organize contracts per project,
Payments auto-trigger when another contract fully executed

StringPay Construction Job Request on blockchain

Treasury efficiency

Construction cash flow cycles are painfully slow.

Turn months of waiting on funds into seconds with StringPay.

"Invoicing our clients and paying our partners ASAP is core to our business philosophy. Automating Account Payable and expediting payments is a big goal of ours."

  • Dave Mello, owner Bitterroot Valley, Montana

Security & Transparency

Each digital touchpoint of the transaction is recorded for full transparency.

Invoices and contracts automatically attached to each payment.

Payments processed on a simple-to-use digitized ledger authenticating all parties, reducing fraud and default.


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Built on solid foundations

With state-of-art technologies & partners


Money Transmitter Licenses being established in California & Nevada

Regular technological & financial audits, your money always accessible, 24/7

Secured wallets

An isolated wallet for each user or company, no fund misappropriation, no key or password ever stored in our databases

Resiliency & availability

Your business and wallets are always accessible on StringPay high-performing infrastructure

World-class partners

Ava Labs,,, Google Cloud

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